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The service utilizes existing cars instead of bringing more cars to the street. Together we can reduce the amount of cars in traffic and fasten the renewal of cars into more environmentally friendly direction.

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Rental cars are located all around Finland. In BloxCar you find cars for any occasion. You can rent passenger cars, vans, campers, trailers and many more car types.

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BloxCar Support provides answers to frequently asked questions, so booking a car is smooth. Customer service is available by email from 8 am to 16 pm. The car owner can also catch us through their contact person by phone at other times.

Rent an electric car

A shared electric car makes travelling ecological and economical. You can help minimizing CO2 emissions caused by traffic by driving an electric car.

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Hundreds of car owners share their car through BloxCar. Find a car you like, see the reviews, rent it and meet the owner. Start your journey!

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Be responsible. By sharing your car you will save other people from buying new cars to the street. By renting out your car you can cover the monthly car costs and even earn.

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