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Kuvalähde: Visit Espoo (Joni Viitanen)


By population, Espoo is the Second largest municipality in Finland. The city is located in the Helsinki metropolitan area. In Espoo there’s also an Aalto university's campus called Otaniemi, with six of the university's schools.

Espoo is a miniature Finland. In the southern areas you can experience the archipelago and seashores. You can also visit many shopping centers. In the northern part of Espoo you can visit lakes and go downhill skiing, visit Santa's cottage in Korpilampi or experience the wilderness in Nuuksio National Park.

Things to do in Espoo

Nuuksio National Park

Nuuksio National Park is a destination for the whole family and every traveller in the metropolitan area. In the nature of the nearby national park you can engage in several activities. The nature and walking paths are suitable for the whole family and the lakes, forests, valleys, swamps and rocks provide magnificent surroundings for a trip.

Emma – The museum of modern art

Most of the pieces in the museum of modern art in Espoo are continuously displayed for the public. The whole city of Espoo, public monuments outside and the interiors of schools, hospitals, nurseries, service houses and swimming halls are filled with art from EMMA.

A city for sports

Espoo is a genuine sports city. The activity park in Tapiola provides facilities for everything from ice hockey to trampolines. In Espoo you can find activities for the whole family - for the smaller ones there is even an AngryBirds activity park in Leppävaara. Espoo also has the nearest downhill skiing center of the metropolitan area, Serena Ski.

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