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Helsinki is the cultural and administrative center of Helsinki. Based on population it’s also the largest city. The city was founded 1550 and it’s the capital of Finland. Helsinki has organised large and culturally significant events, such as the Olympics in 1952.

In 2020 the City of Helsinki won the main price in the category of digital cities in the Year in Infrastructure world congress. The price also called ‘the Oscars of city development and infrastructure’ is an implication of the city’s modern facade.

Things to do in Helsinki

Experiences in Helsinki

Linnanmäki and Korkeasaari are the most popular travel destinations in Finland both for tourists and locals. In Korkeasaari Zoo you can find 150 animal species and hundreds of plants from around the world. With the entrance fee visitors help to protect endangered animals. In the Linnanmäki rollercoaster all the family members can get their heartbeat up. In the winter time families can engage in several indoor activities, like indoor surfing at the Mall of Tripla.

Centre of Finnish culture

As the cultural centre of Finland Helsinki has many museums, such as Amos Rex, Kiasma, the National Museum and Suomenlinna. Helsinki organises frequently different types of events, concerts, exhibitions and sporting events.

Trendy restaurants

Top-level Michelin restaurants, brunch places, beer and neighbourhood restaurants, fast food joints and restaurants specializing in an ingredient or international flavors create a diverse network of restaurants in the Finnish capital. If you are looking for a fresh and trendy place, Helsinki is the place to look.

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