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Kuvalähde: Nallikari


Oulu is one of the largest cities in Finland. It’s known as a tar and salmon city, but in the last few decades it has developed into an attractive knowledge center. Oulu is now known as a technology city with a very colorful history.

Oulu has beaches, islands, parks and other nature destinations. We recommend the Hupisaaret Islands City Park, which is a lovely park area consisting of islands and parks.

Things to do in Oulu

Go to nature – Nallikari

The most popular beach is Nallikari with its tempting and long sand beach that calls for sunbathing. During winter you can either walk, ski or walk with snowshoes on the ice on the lake. You can also see plenty of snowkiters and cyclists with fatbikes on the ice. The whole family can enjoy the outdoors at their own pace on the paths and barbeque places of Hietasaari.

The Toripolliisi statue

The Toripolliisi statue (square police) is the most well known attraction in Oulu and thousands of tourists have had a selfie taken with it. Next to the same square you’ll find the local market hall established in 1901.

Museums in Oulu – culture and history

The Oulu City Art Museum is located in a beautiful surrounding at the Ainola park. The distance from the city center to the museum is about one kilometer. The versatile exhibitions have a wide range of local art, different themes and collections. Interesting highlights and international special exhibitions are also displayed at the museum.

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