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Electric cars are the future

The state of Finland wants to make circular economy the new foundation of the Finnish economy by 2035. BloxCar is helping to reach the goal by sharing cars that are already registered to traffic. The car pool is renewed faster and the CO2 emissions are reduced as the emissions from car manufacturing are reduced and traffic usage increased.

Electric cars enable cheaper car sharing than fossil fuel cars because the costs of car maintenance, repair and energy consumption are very low for electric cars. An electric car combined with a sharing economy marketplace means minimal CO2 emissions.

How does an electric car work?

Range of an electric car

The driving range for an electric car can be up to 600 kilometers depending on the car model and time of year. The range can be improved e.g. with the energy that is created when the break is used. Breaking also charges the battery.

Charging an electric car

There are charging points for electric cars in many places in Finland. You can usually find them at gas stations, shopping centres, road side parking or on the yard of private companies. You can find several maps for charging points at Traficom:

Charging and fuelling maps

Kilometer costs for electric cars

For a peer to peer renter the kilometer cost for an electric car can be more than 50% lower than for a car that uses fossil fuels. The price is affected by the power of the charging point and that means that you need to plan your trip according to the range, location of charging point and charging speed.

Rent out your electric car and earn

By renting out your car you can reduce the cost of driving an electric car. Promote ecological driving by letting others use your car.

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