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Blox Car

Blox Car is an affordable, easy and most importantly safe peer-to-peer car sharing service.

In a world of limited resources it is increasingly important to pay attention to how we use resources. For the biggest investments in our life (car, apartment, cottage) it is very important for the future to find a more effective way of using them. When it comes to cars, peer-to-peer sharing can have an especially large influence because one car registered to Blox Car or a similar service can replace up to 15 privately owned vehicles.

According to studies, private cars are in use only 5–20 per cent of the time. The principle of Blox Car is to increase the volume of usage and financially reward the owner by covering the cost of ownership and use.

According to market research* conducted by If, up to 20% of approximately 2.5 million Finnish car owners are ready to join a sharing service (*Research by YouGov 30.11.2015/1 000 replies with a 95% level of trust). It is worth noting that before getting to know a service like Blox Car 50% of car owners could not evaluate their possible interest in joining a peer-to-peer car sharing service. In practice this means that the service we provide can cover hundreds of thousands of potential car owners – just in Finland!

Blox Car is a part of the growing Shareit family, through which in the future everything from cars to boats will be shared.

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Shareit Bloxcar Oy
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