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a taxi ride
with Tesla

€35 (incl. 20 km)

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Book with the most affordable taxi service in the industry

Book an affordable taxi ride with Tesla from here. No additional booking cost. Book a taxi 24 hours before you need it.

from €35 (incl. 20 km)

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Pre-bookings for your customers and employees

Would you like to offer your customers a ride with a Tesla? Do your employees travel often by taxi? You can book an ecological and luxurious ride with our free pre-booking. Price starts from only €35 (incl. 20 km).

Pre-booking is a great way to avoid the stress of getting a taxi. You can attach information about the taxi service straight on to your website. Get in touch if you want to use the taxi services in your company.

Popular pre-bookings


Book a taxi to the airport in advance and enjoy the silent ride of a Tesla. The most safe electric car in the industry offers a calming and relaxing ride with a taxi after a noisy and turbulent flight.

Railway station

Pre-order a taxi to the station to avoid the busy taxi queues in the city. Most taxis create a lot of CO2 emissions while driving and idling at the taxi stands. By choosing an electric car you can also reduce your own carbon footprint.


The taxi service after a long boat trip is usually ordered in advance. Book a car 24 hours before you need it. The driver will be waiting for you as the boat comes to shore and you can just get straight in.

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