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Are you looking for value adding services for travellers?

Are the buses not running often enough to the destination, are car renting services too expensive and would the travellers like to have a chance to visit cities nearby?

What if the travellers could rent cars from locals when they are visiting the city? BloxCar has almost 600 car owners who rent out their cars all over Finland.

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What is BloxCar?

BloxCar is the largest car sharing service in Finland. It’s a marketplace where e.g. a private car owner, a company or you can list your car for rent. The renter only pays for the usage of the car.

BloxCar differs from other car sharing services in its approach which does not require adding new cars to the streets. Instead the service wants to get the full potential out from cars that are already registered in traffic. This way also the emissions from car manufacturing are reduced.

How can I use BloxCar?

City pages

You can direct the travellers straight to the city’s page from which the travellers are looking for affordable shared cars. If your city does not yet have a page, we can add it to the service.

Cars listed on your own page

Show the shared cars in your city on your own web page. Start using BloxCars car search tool as a free widget.

City pages

Is your city not listed yet? Get in touch to find about opening a page for your city.

Share your car and get paid

Be responsible. By sharing your car you will save other people from buying new cars to the street. By renting out your car you can cover the monthly car costs and even earn.

What would I earn?

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