It’s free to join the service and to use it - The renting prices are different for each car



It’s free to join the service and to use it.

The renting prices are different for each car. You can find the price per kilometer, hour, day and week, the included kilometres and price per extra kilometer under Basic information.


If the car is not refuelled when it’s returned, then the fuel will be invoiced according to the average consumption for the car and the current price. In some cars the fuel might be included in the rental price.


A booking cannot be cancelled after the renal has started. If a rental is not used the user must pay a full price for the rental. Repeated late cancellations may affect the rating and therefore the membership level. This on the other hand can affect the other members willingness to rent their cars.

We recommend that both parties give a rating after the rental. The experiences and ratings are visible to people who are registered in the service. It’s always nicer to rent to a familiar and well-behaved member than an unknown.


The service has no late fees. If the car is delivered or returned late it will affect the ratings and the membership level. Blox Car has the right to remove members from the service, who repeatedly deliver or return the car late. There is a time limit for the cancellation and it's therefore not possible to cancel the booking last minute.


Each car has their own excess, you can find it on the page Technical details.


The reminder fee for parking tickets, speeding tickets and other payments that the user gets during the rental and that are not paid by the last payment date is 50 euros. For a delayed payment a fee according to the Interest act is charged.


We aim to solve arguments and disputes between Blox Car and the Owner or the User through negotiations. If the dispute cannot be solved through negotiations the consumer may refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board ( for resolution. Prior to dealing with the matter, the consumer must contact the Consumer Advisory Service (