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Do you want to drive a taxi? Move around with the best car on the market for the best price. Let’s together make services like Yango and Uber more profitable. BloxCar is piloting taxi services with shared cars and is looking for licensed taxi drivers who would like to drive their shifts with a Tesla.

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What is a BloxCar driver?

BloxCar driver is a private business owner with an VAT number. BloxCar and the driver sign a contract and after that the driver gets access to insured shared cars with taxi licenses.

Why use cars from BloxCar s taxis?

Earn more as a BloxCar driver


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To drive a taxi licensed electric car from BloxCar is more profitable than driving your own cat or a car rented from taxi car rental services. Normally an employee at a taxi company earns about 30% from the income but as a BloxCar driver your provision is at least 60%.

What is expected of a driver

Your driver’s license has been valid for at least 5 years.

Your taxi license has been valid for at least one year.

You are an experienced taxi driver.

You have excellent reviews in a taxi application (Uber/Yango) or good recommendations from a taxi entrepreneur.

You have a valid VAT number. (We can help to establish one.)

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