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45 €/day

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Volkswagen Jetta

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Basic information
The car is small, fast, and very quiet. It has only had one owner before me and it was driven less than 100,000 km before I purchased the car. It is in very good shape and it is maintained very well, so it is certain to keep moving for many years still. It is clean and compact, yet roomy and can carry a lot of stuff. I enjoy driving the car very much and I hope you do too!

Bloxcar has been really quiet due to coronavirus, so my calendar may not be updated as much. If you need the car, you can always send me a message to ask about availability even if my calendar shows it is not available! Chances are it is and we can agree on a time you can take it :)

I do travel quite a bit but I may not be in town. And the location of the car may change depending on the day and my routine, but also there are many places you can drop the car off at.

I will give the car to you with a full-ish tank, and thus I will ask that the car is returned with a relatively similar level of gas.

March 2021
April 2021
May 2021


8 €/hour

includes 50 km

0.25 €/ additional km

45 €/day

includes 250 km

0.28 €/ additional km

300 €/week

includes 1500 km

0.28 €/ additional km

Technical details
Vehicle type

Passenger car

Seating capacity






Engine volume



7.2 l/ 100km

Co2 emission

178 g/km

Fuel types



100000 km

Tyre type

Studded tyre

Insurance company



1000 €



Trailer hitch


It's about as basic as they come: it has Autostart which saves fuel when stopped, heated seats, AC, and cruise control but otherwise, the car is nothing fancy. It moves forward and it works nicely! It has an aux port for listening to music but no BlueTooth connection, unfortunately (I have ordered one though)

Location details
It's a bit outside the city center but I can possibly pick you up if needed. It will be across the street from the Stora Enzo factory.