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160 €/day

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BMW 740e

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Basic information
The BMW 7 series! If you are looking for a true full size luxury sedan then this is it! 

This car is full of luxury features. Air suspension will give you a cushiony ride that won't forget. 
All 4 seats has electric operation with memory, front two seats have many massage functions to keep you fresh on the road, in a push of a button you can close all the shades have more privacy on the backseat, in the back there is a tablet from where you can operate the car just like you do on a first class seat on the plane. 
The Harman Kardon sound system puts out crisp and clear sound with powerful bass if you are into music, you will appreciate it.
You can even watch videos and movies on the go if you download them in USB, alternatively you can mirror your phone on the car and watch YouTube, Netflix etc. 
When it gets dark the ambient lighting all around the car will light up and guide you with comfort, there are more than 16 colors to choose from.
Car has comfort access which means you can open and lock doors, start and stop car and open and close trunk without key.
The car has level two (advanced) adaptive cruise control that will keep distance from the car in front and keep you in the middle of the lane up to 210kmph speed.
It has Carplay so you can connect your iPhone to the car and enjoy google maps and others services it offers.
This car has gesture control, meaning you can do many things with the gestures of your fingers (search YouTube for BMW gesture control)
Top of the line Head up display will show you many information including current road speed, your actual speed, map, audio track list, driver assist features  
Car comes with two charging cable, one for public chargers and other for normal plugs in parking heater, with a full charge you can drive 30+ kilometers electric after this it will be hybrid. The realistic fuel consumption is about 6.5-7liters without charge. With charge it can be less than 4 liters.
It has a the most powerful 2 liter petrol engine BMW has ever fit in a car, combined with the electric motor it outputs a 326 horsepower and a 0-100 time is 5.4 seconds.

April 2022
May 2022
June 2022


30 €/hour

includes 50 km

0.25 €/ additional km

160 €/day

includes 250 km

0.25 €/ additional km

Technical details
Vehicle type

Passenger car

Seating capacity



Imperial Blue



Engine volume


Fuel types



65000 km

Tyre type

Friction tyre

Insurance company



1500 €



Top of the line head up display (HUD)
Harman Kardon 3D sound system
Seat Massage
Adaptive Cruise control with stop & Go
Blind spot monitor
Active Cruise Control
Seat Memory for 4 seats
Electric Sun shades
Ambient lighting
Video watch capability
Apple Carplay
Gesture Controle

Location details
You can also pickup and drop off the car in Korso/Hakunila/Tikkurila