Find a car
wherever you are.


How to use the cars

  1. Make a booking. The booking is made through the Blox Car online service in the calendar of the car.
  2. Agree with the owner where and when you will collect the car. Be prepared to show your driver’s licence to the owner.
  3. Drive. You can use the car as usual during the rental period.
  4. Refuel the car.
  5. Return the car to the place you agreed with the owner.

What does it cost to rent a car?

The owner of the car decides the kilometer, hour, day or week price for the car. You also pay for the fuel. The fuel might be included in some of the prices.

The car is insured

All Blox Cars are insured with insurance from If and with the Shareit-Insurance. The excess is usually 1 000 euros, but it depends on the car. The excess for each car can be found on the ‘Basic information’ page for each car.

Each car is unique

Blox Cars are owned by people. Each car is unique and the price for each car – which is ultimately decided by the owner – is individual. The availability of the car depends on the user’s own usage.

Car sharing benefits everyone

Car sharing saves money and reduces the need for car ownership. Fewer cars in your neighbourhood makes it cosier and less crowded because of a larger number free parking spaces.

The service is built upon trust and reliability. The owners and users give reviews about their experience and the service immediately after the usage. A grade is given based on the review.

The parties are encouraged to rate each other after each rental.


How to add your car

  1. Join the Blox Car service. As a user you can also rent cars.
  2. After you have registered you can log in and add your car by clicking “Add car”. You can add a car using a form that you find under your personal information.
  3. We check the information about the car from the Vehicle Register and send you information about our service and a rental price recommendation for your car. You will decide the final price. If you are not a customer at If then you can buy insurance from their online shop or we can leave a contact request on your behalf with them.
  4. After you accept the insurance we will confirm the listing of your car and the insurance company will send an electronic notification that the insurance has started. You will choose a Shareit-Insurance at the same time: either a third party cover for your compulsory traffic insurance or a comprehensive cover for your limited or comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. Read more about the Shareit-Insurance.
  5. Blox Car sends you an information packet that you should store in your car. The packet includes a damage report form, a fault list and a list of accessories. Please remember to fill in the forms and send copies to Blox Car. Store the originals in the glove compartment of your car.
  6. Ensure that the information about your car in the Blox Car service is correct and update the availability of your car in the booking calendar.
  7. Your car is ready to be rented!

You earn money

Most cars are not being used the majority of the time. With Blox Car you can make money on your car when you are not using it.

You will always be the one to decide

As the owner of the car you are free to use your car whenever you want and rent it when it suits you. You can accept or decline each booking request – as the owner you decide whom you rent to.

You decide the rental price

As the owner of the car you will decide the rental price, which includes the kilometres that you choose. You will also decide the price for each extra kilometre. When you add your car to the service we will give you a recommended price. You decide the final price.

The information about the user is checked

The credit card information and driver’s licence of the Blox Car users are carefully checked as a part of the joining process. During this process the user must have bank codes and a mobile phone. When the user signs up for the service he/she is recognised with the Signom bank recognition, customer information and a phone countersignature.