Privacy policy in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

Date of issue: 10.9.2015.

1 Controller

Shareit Bloxcar Oy
Business ID 2417695-9
Shareit Bloxcar Oy
Itäkatu 1-5, 00930 Helsinki

2 Contact person for questions about the data file

Rafael Lehmann
Shareit Bloxcar Oy
Itäkatu 1-5, 00930 Helsinki

3 Name of the data file

Shareit Bloxcar Oy:n asiakasrekisteri.

4 Purpose of handling personal data

The purpose of handling the personal data is to maintain the peer-to-peer car sharing service provided by Shareit Bloxcar Oy. The data file is used to maintain customer relations, to handle and archive bookings and rentals, to invoice and to follow the status of the cars. The information can also be used for developing the operation of Shareit Bloxcar Oy and for direct mail. Personal data will not be handed to a third party. The personal data is used according to the guidelines set out in the Personal Data Act.

5 Information content of the data file

Personal data gathered includes:

  • First and last name
  • Social security number
  • Postal address
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Right to drive
  • Information about the bookings and past rentals
  • Answers to the questionnaire made to Asiakastieto oy
  • IP address of the user’s computer

In addition, personal data of the renters:

  • Profile picture
  • Bank account details

The register also includes information about the vehicles rented by customers.

6 Regular sources

The customer gives the personal data to Shareit Bloxcar Oy. Shareit Bloxcar Oy can check the accuracy of the information provided by the customer from Asiakastieto Oy’s register, population information system, Trafi’s Vehicle Register and vehicle traffic register and from other sources.

7 Regular disclosure of data

The name of a person, information about his/her address and phone number can be provided to other Shareit Bloxcar Oy customers during the booking process, the handling of the booking and during the rental itself.

The name and a photograph of the owner are shown in the online system of Shareit Bloxcar Oy.

Other details from the personal register are not handed out to third parties.

The customer has the right to check information about him/herself from the data file by contacting the policyholder. The personal information of a registered user is deleted on request.

8 Transferring of information outside the EU or ETA

The information in the data file is not handed outside the economic region of the European Union or Europe.

9 Principles of protecting the data file

The personnel of Shareit Bloxcar Oy and people separately authorised by Shareit Bloxcar Oy have the access to the data file. The users of the register are identified with unique user information.

The servers are protected with firewalls, by maintaining security software, by duplicating and by other measures that are considered to be good information security practices.